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Dreamlight Valley’s Switch performance is a priority as Toy Story update goes live

Toy Story’s Buzz and Woody join the game, plus a potential surprise visit from a beloved Lilo & Stitch character

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It’s winter in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Snow wilts tree branches, and the city square is strung up with lights and other holiday decorations. On Tuesday, Gameloft released a new Disney Dreamlight Valley update, adding new holiday decorations and recipes alongside the long-awaited Toy Story update with beloved heroes Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

The new Toy Story realm opens up Andy’s childhood bedroom, where you’ll shrink down to toy size and recruit Buzz and Woody to come live in Dreamlight Valley — after you help them create a Star Command post and “learn the magic of childhood memories,” respectively, according to Gameloft. Once they arrive in town, you’ll be able to befriend the two toys, which will bring a “new resident from beyond the stars” to town, too — Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, per the update’s trailer.

The Festive Star Path, which is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s battle pass, if you will, will have lots of holiday stuff to unlock via paying or playing, like new outfits for Merlin, Mickey, and your own character. There are also presents and other festive decorations, too. Elsewhere, new recipes, snowmen, and outfits are freely available. Plus, Gameloft said “festive activities” are scheduled for later in December.

Gameloft also pushed out a bunch of performance fixes. Nintendo Switch players will be glad to hear that the developer has put a “considerable focus” on Nintendo Switch performance — but other platforms should be running better, too. Gameloft said it has reduced loading times, decreased installation size, and fixed memory leaks responsible for “reduced performance and crashes in certain circumstances.”

For Steam Deck players, Gameloft said Disney Dreamlight Valley is now “fully compatible” and verified by Valve.

Gameloft’s other quality-of-life fixes include better wood resource distribution, allowing critters to be fed multiple times a day, and improved selection at Kristoff’s resource stall. Bugged questlines, like Lair Sweet Lair and Peacemakers, have been fixed, too. Gameloft’s got an issue tracker on Trello where players can follow along on the early access game’s performance issues.

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