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Stranger Things, Wednesday, and The Sandman are Netflix’s biggest 2022 hits

The streaming giant reveals its most-watched shows and movies of the year

The Hawkins group of Stranger Things 4 looking disturbed and skeptical Photo: Tina Rowden/Netflix

Netflix revealed its biggest successes of 2022 just in time for a New Year’s marathon or double feature, with Stranger Things 4 topping the list for TV, and the Russo Bros.’ The Gray Man leading the pack of Netflix original movies.

On Netflix’s TV list, debut series like Wednesday and The Sandman rub shoulders with venerable franchises like Stranger Things or Ozark, while the movies list runs the gamut from sci-fi action to romantic comedy. But take it all with a grain of salt — as per usual for Netflix reports, the streaming giant is skimpy on actual numbers.

These shows and films are reportedly the company’s “most watched” of 2022, and if the count remains the same as past years, one “watch” is any time someone watched at least two minutes of a show or movie. Does that still probably make them the most popular shows and movies on the service? Well, yeah. Just don’t think of this as the most finished shows and movies on the service.


wednesday wears black in a sea of white dresses; she dances chaotically, one arm over her head and the other swung in front of her body; her face is remarkably serious Image: Netflix
  1. Stranger Things 4
  2. Wednesday
  3. Dahmer
  4. Bridgerton S2
  5. Inventing Anna
  6. Ozark S4
  7. The Watcher
  8. The Sandman
  9. The Umbrella Academy S3
  10. Virgin River S4


Ryan Gosling in Netflix’s The Gray Man Image: Netflix
  1. The Gray Man
  2. The Adam Project
  3. Purple Hearts
  4. Hustle
  5. The Tinder Swindler
  6. The Sea Beast
  7. Enola Holmes 2
  8. Senior Year
  9. The Man from Toronto
  10. Day Shift

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