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The beauty of Lego’s Dungeons & Dragons set is in the googly eye of the Beholder

The winning Lego Ideas D&D 50th anniversary set comes from a video game designer

A red dragon winds its way down a tower in the winning design for the 50th anniversary D&D Lego set. Image: bolt.builds via Instagram
Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

Lego is joining in on the celebration of Dungeons & Dragons’ 50th anniversary with an elegant new set. The fan-made design was accepted Thursday into the Lego Ideas program, following a call for submissions in November, and will now enter development to become a retail product. No launch date or pricing was included in the announcement, but rest assured the design will change before it goes on sale.

The creator of this submissions is Lucas “BoltBuilds” Bolt, an amateur Lego designer and a nine-year veteran environmental artist for Guerilla Games (Horizon Zero Dawn). They joined the Lego Ideas program with this entry in November and created the winning submission, which is composed of roughly 3,000 pieces.

The multi-level, highly vertical scene is playable from 360 degrees and includes a party of five minifigs, a dragon, and a beholder lurking in the depths. According to the designer, landmarks include The Witches Tower, The Tavern, The Dungeon, and The Crypt.

The set’s charm has multiple expressions, including the big whimsical eyes on that beholder and the cleverly textured backside of the piece, where the cavern seamlessly blends into the structure of the tower. But for my money, I’m all about that tree out front. This will go well with all the classic Forrestmen sets in my collection.

Yes, I still have all my Lego from childhood. I also have Dirk Fozbim, my first D&D character (tinker gnome) as well, and I’ll be pitting the garrison from the Black Monarch’s Castle against his one-inch incarnation some time in the 2024 window most likely. That’s when Wizards of the Coast has said it will celebrate the game’s half-century of existence.

No release date for the set has been announced. For details on all the other submissions — including a stunning cut-away version of The Yawning Portal — head to Lego Ideas.