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People can’t stop thirsting over the new Clue characters

Chef White can murder me

An image of the box of the newly redesigned Clue game. We see the new characters, like Chef White who has an undercut and sultry smokey eye. Image: Hasbro
Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Hasbro released its modernized version of the classic murder mystery board game Clue on Wednesday. The refreshed edition features new art and miniatures, and most importantly, a hot new cast. Now, people are thirsting over characters like Chef White, who has single-handedly imbued the classic family board game with horniness.

The new edition brings a more diverse group to the game, which has historically had a predominantly white cast. The new game also happens to make many (or all, depending on what you like) of these characters much hotter. Among the new characters, people online have picked out Chef White as a favorite.

The original Mrs. White was initially swapped out for Dr. Orchid in 2016. Before she left, the character had a sort of matronly look — she appeared to be an older gal who wore an apron. Now, she’s back as a younger and hotter version of herself. She’s got a butch look going for her and now rocks an undercut and smoky eye makeup. (Unfortunately, Dr. Orchid is no longer in the game alongside Chef White.)

In Clue, Chef White cooks for a character named Black, but dreams of opening a kitchen of her own. “Her plan [to open a restaurant] relies on talent, persistence... and the money she’s been skimming from Boddy Black, which he’s known about all along. She has two choices: thanklessly run Black’s drab hotel restaurant, or face charges,” a booklet from the game reads.

One viral tweet with over 15,700 likes noted the change and said that they, “look forward to a generation of kids pointing to the new Chef White as their sexual awakening.”

For the uninitiated, the slightly tweaked premise of the new Clue involves the cast showing up to the mansion of Boden “Boddy” Black’s after receiving an invitation. Upon arrival, the cast realizes Black is dead, and it’s up to the players to decide who did it, what weapon they used, and where the murder occurred. So naturally, people keep cracking sexual jokes about being murdered by the new cast.

If you, too, are charmed by the hot new characters, you can get the new version of Clue at mass market retailers including Amazon and Walmart right now.