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Does M3GAN have a post-credits scene?

M3GAN may return, but you won’t have to wait around to find out

M3GAN, appearing to have been thrown in the trash, creeps over a fence with her robotic eyes Image: Universal Pictures

M3GAN is great little movie about a killer AI doll, but as is the case with just about every movie now, the lingering questions don’t end once the credits start rolling. More so than any hanging plot threads, the question of whether to stay in your seats until the end of the credits looms over many auditoriums once the lights come up.

Thankfully, if you’re hoping to head home as soon as the first few names appear, you’re good to do that without missing a minute of M3GAN because there’s no post-credit scene. Since most post-credits scenes are used to tease sequels, it’s worth remembering that M3GAN takes care of that during its regular run of business.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for M3GAN.]

After M3GAN’s rampage of terror takes her on a killing spree across Seattle, she finally meets her end at the hands of Cady and Gemma — or at least, her body does. After being smashed in more than a few different ways, the movie reveals that M3GAN’s AI consciousness appears to have taken over the home security system that Gemma has installed, suggesting that more M3GAN could be on the way.

This is a pretty classic, “the killer’s body vanished” type of teaser, but it leaves the door open for more dead-eyed doll dancing, a cappella, and murder, so we’re all for it — whether a sequel actually happens or not.

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