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Which mode should you pick in Fire Emblem Engage?

It’s the eternal choice: classic or casual?

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At the start of Fire Emblem Engage, you must make two choices about the game’s challenge factor: Difficulty and Mode. You can choose how generally tough your adventure will be and whether or not a unit’s death will remain permanent. Think carefully about which settings you select, because you may not be able to change them later. Continue reading to learn more about the options and whether you can change them.

What difficulty should you choose in Fire Emblem Engage?

The first choice is the difficulty level. There are three options to choose from in Fire Emblem Engage: Normal, Hard, and Maddening. The game recommends new players to select the Normal difficulty — a recommendation I endorse — but feel free to challenge yourself with a higher difficulty because you can always lower the difficulty at the bed in the Somniel, your base of operations. But keep in mind that you can only make the game easier for yourself, not harder. If you decide to lower the difficulty, you can’t change your mind. You can only go from a harder difficulty to an easier difficulty, not the other way around.

What’s the difference between Casual and Classic mode in Fire Emblem Engage?

Next, you may choose between Casual and Classic mode. Here, you’re basically choosing whether or not you want permadeath on. Think carefully about which mode you choose because you can’t change the mode later on.

Units who fall in battle in Casual mode will retreat from the battlefield and rest until the fight is over. Defeated units can be found at the Somniel after battle, and they’re available for use in the next battle with no drawbacks.

In Classic mode, however, downed units will be lost forever. You can, however, use the Draconic Time Crystal, which allows you to rewind time and replay your turns. The number of times you can use the rewind function depends on the battle. The number of times you can rewind will depend on which difficulty you selected. On Normal difficulty, you’ll be able to rewind time as many times as you want, but on Hard and Maddening difficulties, you’ll only be able to rewind 10 times per battle. Consider yourself warned!

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