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Big Marvel Snap balance patch nerfs Galactus, adds fast-forward

Wong-Onslaught-Mystique-Ironheart combos now take seconds, not days

A photo of the Onslaught card in Marvel Snap on an iPhone Photo: Polygon

Marvel Snap players have some big balance changes in store, as a bunch of oft-played cards — including Aero, Leader, Galactus, and Nova — just got hit with the in-game Ultimate Nullifier. Developer Second Dinner is rolling out a new patch that will make those powerful cards slightly less powerful, while other cards get some overdue buffs.

While players tired of being on the losing end of a Galactus or Leader on turn six have reason to celebrate Marvel Snap’s new patch, there’s another big addition that will benefit everyone: Second Dinner has added a “fast-forward” for plays that stack abilities repeatedly when using cards like Wong, Onslaught, and Mystique. No more waiting around for minutes, hours, or days to see Black Panther hit you with 689,754 power!

Another nice quality of life addition in Marvel Snap’s new patch? Artist credits. Now you can see who drew that Venomized variant you love so much.

Here are the big nerfs in today’s balance update — with potentially more to come for Galactus and Leader — from the official Marvel Snap website:

Aero 5/8 -> 5/7

Developer Comment: Aero’s effect can be a very powerful disruption and control tool. While previously, we buffed Aero up to her current statline, players have since learned to utilize her to great effect, so we think it’s appropriate to reduce her Power a bit.

Galactus 6/3 -> 6/2

Developer Comment: Even at the highest ranks of play, Galactus and decks using him are demonstrating concerningly high cube-gain and win rates. Not all of these decks overtly herald his approach, and the range of cards that can complement him has proven wide and difficult for some decks to counter. We’re taking one Power away from Galactus now and evaluating whether or not we should make more meaningful changes to his design in the future.

Leader 6/4 -> 6/3

Developer Comment: Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players and polarizing in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards. We are taking a bit of power away from him for now and exploring further changes to the card in the future.

Nova 1/2 -> 1/1

Developer Comment: Nova’s effect makes him much stronger than an average 1-Cost card, so we don’t think it’s appropriate that he has the stats of an average 1-Cost card.

And here are the new buffs:

Drax 4/4 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +4 Power. -> 4/5 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power.

Groot 3/3 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power. -> 3/4 On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +2 Power.

Developer Comment: We believe the Guardians’ effects create fun moments, but they can feel too sink or swim. We’re giving Drax and Groot a small buff to their baselines to make them less risky to play and hopefully open them up as more viable contenders in the 3 and 4-Cost slots.

Hazmat 2/1 -> 2/2

Developer Comment: While we are aware of the Hazmat combo decks that may feel strong, Hazmat is actually doing fairly poorly overall. We’re giving the decks she enables a small buff with this update.

Black Cat 3/6 -> 3/7

Developer Comment: Black Cat sees virtually no play, so we’re giving her an extra Power to make running her more worthwhile.

Nakia 3/1 -> 3/2

Developer Comment: We think Nakia’s effect is a fun mechanic to play with, but she’s currently seeing very little success. We’re hoping a small buff will make her a more appealing option.

Marvel Snap is available now, for free, on Android, iOS, and Windows PC via Steam.

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