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New League of Legends action game leaks from Riot Forge

Mageseeker starring Sylas could be coming

Artwork of Sylas from League of Legends breaking through a wall — he’s smiling with a mystical glow from his left hand lighting his face Image: Riot Games
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An unannounced new League of Legends game from Riot Games’ Riot Forge publishing label appears to have leaked via South Korea’s game ratings committee. The game, Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, is reportedly an action game for PC and consoles that stars one of League’s most controversial characters: Sylas, the Unshackled, a rogue mage who leads an uprising of oppressed mages in the isolationist state of Demacia.

Sylas was released as a playable champion in League of Legends in January 2019; he’s since starred in a Marvel comics series along with fellow Demacian mage Lux; teamed up with the Winter’s Claw barbarian bands in the Freljord as part of a story event; and served as Demacia’s main antagonist since.

Demacia is a monarchy built on a magic suppressing stone known as petricite. The nation uses agents of the state known as Mageseekers to hunt down mages, and either eliminate their abilities, imprison them, or put them to work as a Mageseeker themselves. Sylas shares some of his rhetoric in Stand With Sylas, a video put out around his release that shows the mage rebellion in action.

The Game Rating and Administration Committee listing for Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story appears to have been removed. But if its description is accurate, the game has a loaded premise, with Sylas serving as a freedom fighter and revolutionary. Riot has, so far, depicted Demacia as being in the wrong — but Sylas is often depicted as going too far, and pursuing brutal vengeance for his own satisfaction over the construction of a new, just state.

On the other hand, Sylas is ripped and his two big chains would lend themselves well to an action game. Demacia is full of characters who could show up in Mageseeker, from Demacian nobles like Lux and Garen to primal demons like Fiddlesticks.

Riot Forge publishes games related to League of Legends outside of the main title itself. The publisher has previously released Choice Provisions’ rhythm-action game Hextech Mayhem and Airship Syndicate’s RPG The Ruined King. Riot Forge also has Convergence, an upcoming action platformer starring Zaunite prodigy and Arcane character Ekko, and Song of Nunu, about the child Nunu and his yeti best friend, planned for 2023. However, fans were previously unaware of Mageseeker.

Polygon has reached out to Riot Games for comment on Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story and will update when the company responds.

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