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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto trilogy is back on Steam — and now on Steam Deck

GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas return in Definitive Edition form

Tommy Vercetti is flanked by two men as they descend a set of stairs in a screenshot from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Image: Grove Street Games/Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are back on Steam thanks to the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition. Rockstar Games released the Windows PC version of its GTA Trilogy on Steam on Thursday, expanding the remastered trio of games’ availability on PC beyond the Rockstar Games Launcher.

The Steam version is listed as “playable” on Steam Deck.

Rockstar says it will also release Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition on the Epic Games Store “later in January.”

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition was originally released on Nov. 11, 2021, and on many platforms replaced the original versions of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. But on Steam, Rockstar simply delisted the original versions of its early ’00s GTA games, making them unavailable for sale. The only way to buy Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on PC was through Rockstar’s own store.

The Steam version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is listed for $59.99, but is 50% off until Feb. 2.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is also still available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The collection is slated to hit Android and iOS devices in 2023.

When the Definitive Edition trilogy launched in late 2021, it landed with a thud. The remastered trio of games had a host of technical and visual problems, and players complained that the supposed definitive versions were, in some respects, worse than the classic versions. Rockstar apologized for the games’ quality at launch, and gave players PC versions of the originals (but only through the Rockstar Games Launcher) as a make-good. Rockstar also pushed out a series of patches that addressed glitches and graphical issues, steadily improving the game over time.

Rockstar Games’ next big project is Grand Theft Auto 6. The developer has teased, but not substantially revealed its follow-up to the massively successful Grand Theft Auto 5.

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