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You can finally battle your friends in Marvel Snap

Battle Mode goes live Tuesday

A photo of the Leader card in Marvel Snap on an iPhone Photo: Polygon
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Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode, which lets players go up against their friends, will go live Tuesday, developer Second Dinner announced Monday. Marvel Snap players have been eagerly anticipating a friends-only mode after it was announced in November. The feature was expected at the end of this month — yep, lines up.

Second Dinner announced the feature in a tweet on Monday: “It’s coming... Get ready for Battle Mode where you can challenge your friends and see who’s really the best,” it wrote. The mode was outlined in a blog post in December: Players that create a match will get a code to share with their friends — or streamers or “random people,” according to creator Ben Brode. On the opposite end, you join a match by entering that code.

In Battle Mode, there’s a series of matches to be played, with the goal of knocking down the opponent’s health. Each player starts with 10 health, and whoever wins a match will knock off points: two points regularly, or four points when a player snaps. (Retreating will see players losing a single point.) Battle Mode keeps going until there are no points left.

Brode also shared on Twitter Battle Mode will be available across regions, too.

Marvel Snap was released globally in October, available for free on Android, iOs, and on Windows PC. The fast-paced card game runs only six rounds, using cards with characters from Marvel’s massive roster of heroes. Each player builds a deck of 12 cards, where cards are pulled from and into your hand. To win, you’ve got to get the highest points on two of three locations where cards drop — but it’s more complex than it seems. There’s a bunch of different strategies and ways to mastermind a creative deck, made accessible by its simple setup.

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