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GoldenEye 007 ‘Surface 2’ mission walkthrough

Break the communications link and enter the bunker

James Bond 007 running down the stairs in a parka Image: Rare Ltd. via Polygon
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You return to Surface in GoldenEye 007 to search for any evidence of Janus’ presence. It can be a little difficult to traverse the snowy terrain, but you must break the communications link to the bunker, and gain entry to the bunker.

Depending on the difficulty setting you’re playing on, you may have to disrupt all of the surveillance equipment and disable the Spetsnaz support aircraft. For visual learners, check through the galleries to find marked up screenshots that show you exactly where to go. Read on to learn how to complete every objective and in our GoldenEye 007 “Surface 2” walkthrough.

If you’re looking for assistance on previous levels, take a look at our GoldenEye 007 walkthroughs for Dam, Facility, and Bunker 1.

Tips before starting ‘Surface 2’ in GoldenEye 007

  • Enemies will swarm you from everywhere as you progress through the level. Keep an eye out for enemy silhouettes in the distance, and take them out from a distance.
  • Use the silenced pistol to destroy the surveillance cameras. Non-silenced weapons will lure more enemies out of their buildings to come towards you.
  • Just keep running from objective to objective — don’t stop.

Surface 2 objectives

Depending on the difficulty, you can have up to four primary objectives to complete on Surface 2. The four objectives are as follows:

  • Obj. A: Disrupt all surveillance equipment (00 Agent difficulty)
  • Obj. B: Break communications link to bunker (Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. C: Disable Spetznaz support aircraft (Secret Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. D: Gain entry to bunker (Agent difficulty and above)

Collecting the comms room key

  1. Follow the center path, and defeat any enemies that come your way.
  2. Take the third right, and continue until a path opens on your left.
  3. Take the second left on this path to find a wooden building, and quickly shoot the surveillance camera on the front of the building. You can also go around the building from the left side to buy yourself some more time before the alarm goes off.
  4. Enter the building, and eliminate the soldier inside. The enemy will drop a comms room key, so make sure to pick up the key before leaving.
  5. Follow the pathing outside of the building, and take the immediate right turn.
  6. Turn right up the snow embankment to see the silhouette of a building with a giant telescope dish on top.
  7. Head towards the building, and take out any nearby enemies outside the entrance.

Break the communications link to the bunker

Computer and communications system circle. Floating hand holding a pistol.
Destroy the the equipment on top of the table inside the room.
Image: Rare Ltd. via Polygon
  1. Enter the building and go up the stairs.
  2. Turn left at the top of the stairs, and destroy the camera at the end of the path.
  3. Continue left up the stairs, and open the door straight ahead of you.
  4. Shoot all three of the equipment on top of the table to break the communications link to the bunker — completing Objective B.

Disrupt the remaining surveillance equipment

  1. Exit the building, and turn left towards the back of the building.
  2. Head straight until you reach a fenced area with two wooden buildings inside.
  3. Move to the back side of the building on the left, and shoot the camera on the wall to destroy it.
  4. Leave the fenced area, and follow the path on the left to another pair of buildings.
  5. Shoot camera on the wall of the building on the right to complete Objective A. If you’re looking for the location of every surveillance camera, check out the surveillance locations section below.

Disabling the Spetznaz support aircraft

  1. Turn around and head left through the snow towards the communications building.
  2. Continue past the communications building, and follow the path from the entrance.
  3. Go right and walk down the path until you reach an intersection.
  4. Take the left path until you reach the Spetznaz support aircraft.
  5. Open the start menu and switch to the weapons inventory. Scroll down and select the remote mine.
  6. Aim at the helicopter, and press the fire button to throw the remote mine onto the aircraft. This step completes Objective C.

Gain entry to the bunker

Bunker in snowy terrain with a dark red sky Image: Rare Ltd. via Polygon
  1. Turn around to find the bunker behind you.
  2. Open the door and head inside to complete Objective D and Surface 2.

All surveillance equipment locations

Although the surveillance equipment locations are mentioned in the above sections, here are the exact locations of the cameras in case you missed any:

  1. Before entering the building with the comms room key, find the camera on the front face of the building.
  2. Inside the communications building, go up the stairs and follow the path until you hit a corner. The camera will be on the wall directly ahead of you.
  3. Inside of the fenced area with a pair of buildings, you’ll find the third camera on the side of the building on the left.
  4. After leaving the fenced area, follow the path to the left to find another pair of buildings. The fourth and final surveillance camera will be on the front of the right building.

This completes the Surface portion of “Mission 5: Severnaya.”

Before moving on, be sure to check out this level’s GoldenEye 007 cheat, after having completed all of the objectives.

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