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Apex Legends’ next season won’t have a new character

But it will get new modes — including long-requested team deathmatch

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Apex Legends’ 16th season, Revelry, kicks off Feb. 14 but it won’t introduce a new Legend character — the first time there’s been a new season without a new hero to play with since the battle royale launched in 2019.

Respawn Entertainment will, however, reorganize the existing lineup of heroes into character classes, with each class having access to a combat perk. Additionally, six Legends, among them Wraith, Lifeline, and Seer, will get updates beyond the usual balance changes.

The six classes are: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. Respawn will be sharing more about what these classes can do and how they are balanced later in the week. To this point, the game’s 23 playable characters have been classified as either Offensive (nine Legends), Defensive (six Legends), Recon (six Legends), and Support (two Legends).

The game will get a new weapon, as a season premiere video showed on Monday. It’s called Nemesis, which is an automatic, burst-fire assault rifle using energy weapon ammunition. A team deathmatch mode, long requested by the community, will also be available to play when the season launches. New players can also expect to see onboarding modes (and videos), with the option to play with or against bots, as Respawn looks to grow Apex Legends’ audience and acclimate more players to its highly competitive world.

Respawn’s decision to focus on rebalancing and reorganizing its roster is intriguing, as the studio and publisher Electronic Arts announced last week that Apex Legends Mobile would be shutting down after less than a year. Apex Legends Mobile introduced two playable Legends exclusive to that version of the game — Fade and Rhapsody. Respawn developers have not said if those characters or any other exclusive Apex Legends Mobile content would be brought into the main game.

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