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Lord of the Rings comes to Lego with this massively detailed Rivendell set

And yes, there is a tiny little One Ring to Rule Them All

A woman builds the Lego Rivendell Lord of the Rings set on a table Photo: The Lego Group

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Lego’s done it again. Move aside, dog-sized AT-AT. The newest, coolest, and most incredibly detailed set from the popular plastic brick builder is Rivendell, the Elven stronghold from the Lord of the Rings franchise. The set is based on the Peter Jackson movies, and caps in at 6,167 pieces with 15 minifigures (if you were curious, that includes all nine members of the Fellowship, along with Elrond, Arwen, Bilbo, Gloin, and some elf NPCs). That makes it one of the 10 biggest Lego sets ever.

In addition to those 6,167 pieces — which make up three distinct sections, including the Council Ring, an Elven tower, and that picturesque gazebo and river — the kit also comes with numerous little prop replicas, like Sting, the broken shards of Narsil, Aragorn’s sword, and other fearsome plastic weapons.

The set will be available on March 8 for $499.99, though if you’re a Lego VIP member, you can purchase it earlier on March 5, and get a free Frodo and Gollum Brickheadz set. Read more about the set and the pre-order information on the Lego website.

Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group
Photo: The Lego Group


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