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Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic, reclining on a settee. her arms are over her head and she smiles coyly Image: Paramount Pictures

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Polygon draws video game characters like one of your French girls

One of Titanic’s best and most enduring memes will go on

Ah, Titanic. James Cameron’s 1997 masterpiece has everything — a beautiful love story, thrilling disaster, a killer Céline Dion ballad, lots of water, and endless debate about a floating door. (Jack would not have fit on it; they clearly show him trying to climb up there with Rose, and it doesn’t work!) One of the most iconic moments from the Academy Award-winning film is the scene where penniless artist Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) sketches socialite Rose (Kate Winslet), after she asks him to draw her “like one of your French girls.”

But the scene isn’t just a softly erotic, intimate moment in the movie. It has also birthed a million memes, as is the way of the internet. To celebrate Titanic’s 25th-anniversary theatrical rerelease, we here at Polygon decided to interpret the “like one of your French girls” prompt in the most Polygon way possible.

Russ Frushtick

a sketch of kirby reclining on a couch. he wears a little beret. his eyes are wide. Image: Russ Frushtick

“See, I’m not confident that my couch-drawing skills really sell the ‘French’ aspects of this, so I stuck a beret on Kirby just to really seal the deal.”

Petrana Radulovic

a sketch of garrus vakarian, a lizard and bird-like alien form mass effect, lounging on a couch Image: Petrana Radulovic

“As a proud owner of the Garrus Vakarian body pillow, I felt that it was my duty — nay, my privilege — to draw my favorite Mass Effect love interest.”

Cameron Faulkner

a drawing of cuphead reclining on a sofa, arms above his cup-like head Image: Cameron Faulkner

“It came down to Tommy Vercetti, Rayman, or Cuphead. I ultimately chose Cuphead because of the simplicity of the character. It’s a cup for a head with a Mickey Mouse body. It’s hard to make that look sexy, but I really tried.”

Chelsea Stark

a mr. mime pursing its lips and lounging on a green couch Image: Chelsea Stark

“Draw me like one of your French clowns.”

Matt Patches

a sketch of waluigi from the mario franchise reclining on a sofa. he twirls his little moustache Image: Matt Patches


Nicole Carpenter

a sketch of a gengar squishmallow reclining on a couch wearing a big neckalce Image: Nicole Carpenter

“Here is a Gengar Squishmallow wearing this and only this.”

Titanic returns to theaters for its 25th anniversary on Feb. 10.