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Overwatch 2 Valentine’s Day event brings back a Hanzo classic

Welcome back, Scatter Arrow

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Blizzard is going all in on Valentine’s Day for Overwatch 2 this year, launching an official (but not officially canon) Overwatch dating sim called Loverwatch and a new limited-time game mode that’s all Hanzo-versus-Hanzo, all the time. The new PvP mode, named Love of Geometry, brings back a classic Hanzo ability from the original Overwatch, the random death-dealing Scatter Arrow.

When it launches in Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, Feb. 14, Love of Geometry will pit two teams of four Hanzos against each other — all wearing the game’s new Cupid skin — in a team deathmatch battle. Hanzo’s Storm Arrow ability is replaced by Scatter Arrow in Love of Geometry, letting the bowman fire an arrow that bounces, splits, and ricochets for potential multikills. Blizzard also teases that players are in for a surprise when they use Hanzo’s Dragonstrike ultimate ability in Love of Geometry.

Blizzard removed Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow ability in 2018, following complaints that the ability felt unfair and unsatisfying (if you were on the receiving end of it), and replaced it with Storm Arrow, a charged, rapid-fire ability. Blizzard briefly brought back a version of Scatter Arrow in 2021, as part of an Experimental Mode patch timed to April Fool’s Day.

Players who find themselves enamored by Hanzo’s Cupid skin in Love of Geometry can acquire it permanently through Overwatch 2’s in-game shop. Blizzard notes that Cupid Hanzo features “heart designs in the quiver and shoes, integrates tech art for his wings to flutter as he lunges through the air, adds heart VFX to every arrow shot, and includes a ton of fun sound effects.”

Overwatch fans can also spend time with Cupid Hanzo in Loverwatch, the dating sim that lets players woo Mercy or Genji in a text-based adventure. The dating sim is playable in desktop browsers until Feb. 28, and offers in-game rewards in addition to its romantic fantasies.

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