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Arrested Development is leaving Netflix soon

Yes, even the seasons made for Netflix

Lucille Bluth looks shocked on the phone in Arrested Development. Image: Netflix
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(Update, 3/15: The removal date is no longer listed for Arrested Development, which is still on Netflix.)

Arrested Development, the cult favorite sitcom about a dysfunctional wealthy family, will leave Netflix in March. All five seasons of the series will leave Netflix on March 15, which means you’ll need to get all your Netflix time with Bluth gang in before then.

A hugely influential show, Arrested Development launched many imitators and careers. In addition to the star-studded cast, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, and Alia Shawkat, creatives like the Russo brothers, best known now for their MCU successes, directed the pilot and were producers on the show.

Originally made for Fox, Arrested Development was cancelled after three seasons by the network, and was picked up by Netflix nearly a decade later as one of the streaming service’s first major pieces of original programming. The show lasted two (mostly poorly received) seasons on Netflix before calling it quits for good.

The first three seasons of Arrested Development are also on Hulu, and there has been no indication they will be removed from that platform. Hulu adding the last two seasons to their platform once they’re removed from Netflix would sure make a lot of sense, but no announcement has been made.

The first four seasons of Arrested Development are also available to rent or purchase digitally on VOD vendors, but the fifth season is not — meaning when Netflix removes the fifth season from their platform, there will be no legal way to watch it online (and there’s been no official physical release of the season, either). With more streaming services removing original content as well as library content, preservation becomes more and more of a concern — even for those seasons that weren’t so well-received.

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