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Young Queen Charlotte falls in love in new Bridgerton prequel trailer

One Queen to rule them all

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

The Bridgerton universe is expanding. A new look at the Queen Charlotte-focused prequel reveals more steamy romance for some familiar characters.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story takes us back a few decades and shows a young Queen Charlotte — as well as a younger versions of some of our favorite Bridgerton matriarchs, including Lady Danbury. In the main Bridgerton timeline, Queen Charlotte’s marriage is deteriorating because of her husband, King George’s, declining health. But the prequel series will bring us back to happier days.

The marriage starts out a bit rocky. It is arranged after all! But judging by the sensual neck kisses going on in the trailer and the electrically charged dancing, it appears things do get better for George and Charlotte, even if they’re doomed to end in tragedy.

India Amarteifio plays the young Charlotte, and she sure as heck looks like a younger version of Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Charlotte in the Bridgerton series. Other cast members include Corey Mylchreest as King George and Arsema Thomas as a young Lady Danbury. Rosheuvel will also make appearances as the older Queen Charlotte, with Adjoa Andoh and Ruth Gemmell reprising their roles of Lady Danbury and Lady Violet Bridgerton respectively in the current Bridgerton timeline.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will premiere on Netflix on May 4. Check out some new images below:

a young black woman peering up as she sits in a church pew and reads a pamphlet Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
king george offers a hand to a young queen charlotte in a garden Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
young queen charlotte walks in the fancy halls of the palace, a manservant following her Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
older queen charlotte sits upon a fancy couch. hair piled high, with a fancy white dog on her back. behind her is a loyal steward Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
a group of fancy nobility posing in an extravagant dining room, a woman with a big dress in the center Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
lady danbury, a black woman wearing orange, and lady bridgerton, a white woman in lilac, smile at the queen during a garden party Photo: Nick Wall/Netflix
queen charlotte sitting upon her throne, dramatic shadows shielding most of her features, with a beam of sunlight hitting her right in the center Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix
a young king george peers out a window Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix

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