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a close-up on Daredevil and Echo grimacing Image: Phil Noto/Marvel Comics

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Daredevil and Echo return to Marvel, courtesy of Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas

A four-issue limited series unites the MCU-friendly pair

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Before this year’s Hawkeye spinoff Echo brings both the deaf street-level warrior Echo and the blind Hell’s Kitchen defender Daredevil back to Disney Plus, Marvel Comics will unite the pair in a new book this May. Polygon has an exclusive look at the new miniseries, which pairs Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas — a seasoned comic book writer at this point, having penned Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Werewolf by Night, and stories in the Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices one-shots — and his regular collaborator B. Earl.

In the new series, Daredevil and Echo team up to investigate a series of child kidnappings orchestrated by Demogoblin, who hopes to “wake an ancient and powerful evil deep within the bowels of the city.” There will be bumps in the road — Echo is coming down from a recent stint as the host of the Phoenix Force — but together they’ll no doubt stop the classic Marvel villain, rescue the kids, and save all of New York.

“First off, Benny [Earl] and I are blessed and thankful to be continuing our journey as Marvel writers,” Taboo said in a statement to Polygon. “It’s an honor to be rocking this new Daredevil project along with the amazing mighty matriarch Echo. We are about to have a blast bringing the heat to Hell’s Kitchen! Can’t wait for the world [to] check out this crazy ride! One love!”

“My Marvel journey with Tab has been a privileged blessing, allowing us to explore so many characters, both new and old, as well as tell riskier stories which touch on untold narratives and perspectives,” added Earl. “To now take that lens and bring it to the iconic character Daredevil is personally an incredible opportunity since I was raised both Catholic and Jewish. Combining Daredevil’s Roman Catholic devotion with Echo’s Native heritage while weaving back and forth between time periods to explore their ancestors has got me giddy at our opportunity to tell another mind-bendingly Marvel-ous tale!”

Paired with the announcement, Marvel has revealed two covers for the book, drawn by Phil Noto, who will also be lending his pencils to the interiors.

Daredevil holds up his red billy clubs and Echo holds up two swords on the cover of Daredevil & Echo #1
Daredevil & Echo #1
Image: Phil Noto/Marvel Comics
Echo and Daredevil burst through a pain of stained glass ready for battle in the cover to Daredevil & Echo #1
Daredevil & Echo #2
Image: Phil Noto/Marvel Comics

Daredevil & Echo #1 hits comic book stores on May 24.

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