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A24’s big Everything Everywhere All At Once props auction includes the butt-plug trophy

Or buy Raccacoonie, Waymond’s fanny pack, or the director’s personal ball gag

A row of “Employee of the Month” trophies shaped like black butt plugs in a scene from the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once Photo: A24
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Remember when film distributor A24 made international news by auctioning off the elaborate flower dress from Ari Aster’s horror movie Midsommar, the bling-encrusted Furby Adam Sandler peddles in Uncut Gems, and other notable props? The company is doing it again, this time with costumes, props, and “mementos” from Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s terrific Oscar-nominated hit Everything Everywhere All At Once. If you ever wanted your very own Raccacoonie, one of Jobu Tupaki’s kaleidoscopic costumes, or the divorce papers that Waymond (Best Supporting Actor nominee Ke Huy Quan) serves his long-suffering wife Evelyn (Best Actress nominee Michelle Yeoh), now’s your chance.

Or if you swing that way, you could buy the actual butt-plug trophy that winds up as the center of a weird martial-arts battle in the middle of the film.

A beauty shot of the butt-plug award from Everything Everywhere All At Once, labeled “Deirdre Beaubeirdre, auditor of the month” Photo: A24

A24 has three different auctions set up for the movie, with proceeds going to three different charities. The first, “Mementos from the Multiverse,” is an odds-and-ends collection of props used in the film, from the Raccacoonie puppet (“your future personal chef for hire!” reads the item description) to the ball gag that director Daniel Scheinert wears as a shame-faced sub in an alternate universe that Evelyn accesses while looking to escape an attacker. (“Gently used,” the listing promises.) That auction benefits the Asian Mental Health Project.

The second auction, “In Another Life,” benefits the Transgender Law Center and focuses on costumes, including the Elvis suit and temple outfit Stephanie Hsu wears at various points in the movie, Yeoh’s costumes as a kung-fu warrior and a giant baby, and Harry Shum Jr.’s chef outfit for the Raccacoonie sequences.

Stephanie Hsu surrounded by glitter in Everything Everywhere All At Once. Photo: Allyson Riggs/A24

The third auction, “Laundry and Taxes,” benefits the Laundry Workers Center, in recognition of Evelyn’s work in the movie running a laundromat. The organization fights for laundry workers’ rights and workplace safety. This auction focuses on the IRS segments of the movie, with listings for Jamie Lee Curtis’ frumpy auditor costume and wig (“Dress like your least favorite IRS agent”) and Evelyn’s entire actual laundry delivery van. (“Note this needs new transmission, engine, tires, and serious TLC on the interior. The RV is currently not street legal.”) There’s also a copy of Feets Magazine, with a cover story promising an exclusive on “the silkiest stems in all the land: a reader recap.”

With the movie contending for 11 Oscars, some of these items are likely to spur competitive bidding, particularly items like Waymond’s fanny pack, which has a key role in a big action sequence and gets plenty of closeups of its own. We’re not so sure, though, whether people will be fighting to buy a bowl of inedible prop cookies from the first IRS sequence. Still, until A24 restocks its $60 butt-plug-award candles and $35 pet rocks, currently sold out at its merch store, these auctions may be your only chance to own a personal piece of this movie.

A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once auctions open at 12 noon EST on Thursday, February 23, running until March 2.