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Dead by Daylight’s getting a movie so we can finally see Freddy Krueger and Ghost Face on the big screen

The adaptation comes from Blumhouse and director James Wan

The Dead By Daylight logo which includes a tally mark with one of the game’s killers standing in a black silhouette against a red background Image: Behavior Interactive

Blumhouse (Get Out) and Atomic Monster (M3GAN) are teaming up to bring the multiplayer horror-hodgepodge game Dead by Daylight to theaters.

Dead by Daylight is a competitive multiplayer horror game in which a group of players team up as survivors and attempt to escape the grasp of a player controlling a villain, of some kind or another, that’s hunting the survivors down. While the game started out with it’s own unique monsters, like the Trapper, the Wraith, and the Spirit, developer Behavior Interactive has more recently started adding officially licensed horror-icons like Ghost Face and Freddy Krueger.

Taking a game that’s fundamentally so indebted to horror movies and slashers, and running it in reverse and adapting it into a movie is certainly an interesting decision — one that could turn out really weird, or like a meta-masterpiece. Either way, it seems like Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum is looking for someone who’s familiar with the game to take the project on:

“We know there are so many fans of Dead by Daylight out there and think it’s imperative we find someone who appreciates and loves the world as much as we do, to help us bring the game to the big screen,” Blum told Variety. “We know our partners at Behaviour and Atomic Monster will help us bring the best version of this game to life.”

The Dead by Daylight movie doesn’t have a release date, director, or screenwriter just yet, but with the plans in motion, all three are likely to line up soon enough.

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