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Jack Black continues to be the best thing about The Super Mario Bros. Movie

He can’t deliver anything less than a brilliant performance, even when it isn’t called for

One of the first stops on The Super Mario Bros. press tour (sans Anya Taylor-Joy, sadly) was at none other than The Kelly Clarkson Show, where things didn’t go so well for Bowse — er, Jack Black. While Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day, and “Mario” himself strutted onto the set, Kelly asks, “Where’s Jack?” As you’ll find out in the clip above, Kelly apparently loves Bowser (the character voiced by Black), but he won’t come out because he’s the only one of them donning his character’s costume.

It’s so obviously a bit, but Black nevertheless sells the betrayal so well. Seeing him then giddily jump around in a skin-tight Bowser costume that has his junk area blurred out (this is for a Nintendo movie, after all) makes the appearance way more fun to watch than your average movie promotional appearance.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases in theaters on Wednesday, April 5. That release date is new as of two days ago, following a recent change from its originally planned April 7 launch. Personally, I expect Jack Black to steal the show, but I didn’t expect him to also steal the talk show.

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