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Demi Lovato takes on Ghostface in music video for Scream 6

Do you like scary music videos?

Demi Lovato’s newest song is a killer (haha) anthem for the new Scream movie. It’s called “Still Alive” (not to be confused with the Portal end credits song), and definitely plays into the whole “survived a horror movie but still being pursued by a mysterious masked figure” vibe of the Scream movies.

The music video itself jumps between Lovato dancing in a hotel ballroom, to a storyline where Lovato and a squad of cool leather-clad friends escape from Ghostface after being invited to a mysterious screening, and footage from the movie, of course. The best part, though, is you can call a number (+1 (214) 441-6795) that brings you to Ghostface’s voicemail.

“Do you like scary movies?” asks the voice, echoing the iconic franchise line. “What about your favorite artist’s song in a scary movie?”


Scream 6 comes out on March 10. It stars Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Jasmine Savoy Brown, and Jack Champion. Unlike the previous movies, this one takes place in New York. It picks up right after the events of Scream (2022) and follows the survivors of the last spree of Ghostface murders in Woodsboro.

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