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Apple’s next epic sci-fi show is Silo, starring Dune’s Rebecca Ferguson

‘What if everything you know to be true was one big lie?’

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The first teaser trailer for Silo, the new 10-episode sci-fi drama coming to Apple TV Plus, offers a glimpse at the series’ subterranean take on dystopian drama. The first two episodes of the show premiere on May 5, and from the looks of the trailer, it’s going to be a tense drama about class and survival in an inhospitable world.

Created by screenwriter Graham Yost (Band of Brothers) and adapted from Hugh Howey’s best-selling trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels (Wool, Shift, and Dust), the series centers on the inhabitants of a miles-deep silo bunker several years after a catastrophic event has rendered the Earth’s surface uninhabitable. No one knows for sure for what reason why, or for that matter who built the bunker in the first place, and the tension between that mystery and the apparent horrors of the outside world form the catalyst for what appears to be a feud between the bunker’s lower castes and its leaders.

A woman (Rebecca Ferguson) stands across from a man (David Oyelowo) wearing a sheriff’s badge in a dark industrial setting flanked by futuristic lanterns. Image: Apple

Rebecca Ferguson (Dune: Part One) executive produces and stars as Juliette, an engineer searching for answers regarding the death of a loved one that drives her to uncover a mystery beyond anything she could have previously imagined. The supporting cast is absolutely stacked with big-name talent, from Tim Robbins (Mystic River), David Oyelowo (Selma), and Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation) to Common (John Wick: Chapter 2) and Harriet Walter (Succession). Morten Tyldum, who directed 2014’s The Imitation Game and 2016’s Passengers, directs the first three episodes of the limited series.

The first two episodes of Silo will premiere May 5 on Apple TV Plus.

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