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Hugh Grant’s charisma is appropriately high in official stats for D&D movie

Who would win in a battle of charisma? Hugh Grant or Chris Pine?

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

One of the cool, hidden perks of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie? The official character stats reveal some juicy information. For instance, we now know the exact amount of charisma that Hugh Grant and Chris Pine have, and can use it to pit them against one another. And as such, Hugh Grant — with his years of playing the charming, bumbling lead in many an England-set romantic comedy — squeezes out Chris Pine by two points. But Chris Pine stans, don’t fear — the Wonder Woman and Star Trek actor has more points in strength and constitution, which means if this battle were to come to physical prowess, Chris could probably hold his own.

Now, technically, these stats aren’t reflective of the actors, but the characters they play in the movie. Still, you don’t cast Hugh Grant in a role designed to have 0 charisma, so there is some method behind the magic.

The stat blocks for the main characters are available for free via D&D Beyond, the digital toolset for all things Dungeons and Dragons. All you have to do is login or sign up and you can get your very own Hugh Grant NPC to add to your game.

If charming rogues or rakish bards don’t quite fit your campaign, there are also builds for a tiefling druid (Doric, played by It’s Sophia Lillis), a fledgling sorcerer (Simon, played by Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith), a devoted paladin (Xenk, played by Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page), a fearsome fighter (Holga, played by the Fast and Furious franchise’s Michelle Rodriguez), and an evil Red Wizard (Sofina, played by Shadow and Bone’s Daisy Head). Note for anyone looking to add the Duke-of-Hastings-but-a-Paladin to their game — not all of these characters’ specific classes and races are immediately obvious! Gotta save some big reveals for the movie after all.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves hits theaters on March 31. Check out the gorgeous new character art below.

Sophia Lillis as a tiefling — she has normal pale skin and tiny horns and a tail. she wears green and is in a defensive stance. behind her is a forest background Image: Wizards of the Coast
chris pine as a bard. he stands confidently in adventurer gear, looking into the distance. one arm in front of him wields a dagger. there is a lute strapped to his back Image: Wizards of the Coast
Hugh Grant as a smirking rogue, wearing a dazzling golden coat and balancing a crossbow on his shoulder Image: Wizards of the Coast
michelle rodriguez as a fearsome warrior. she brandishes a large axe in her right hand, charging forward. flames dance around her Image: Wizards of the Coast
Justice Smith as a sorcerer. he holds a glowing staff in one hand, the other raised forward. a cape billows behind him Image: Wizards of the Coast
daisy head as a mysterious red wizard. she wears long flowing red robes, her head shrouded in a hood. around her, dark smoke gathers. she bears a mysterious horn in one hand Image: Wizards of the Coast
rege jean page as a paladin. he wears glimmering armor, a sun-like halo around his face. he reaches for his sword Image: Wizards of the Coast

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