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Wargroove 2 is mixing up Advance Wars tactics with pirates and giant squids

The next Wargroove is also getting a roguelike mode

The Advance Wars-inspired, turn-based strategy game Wargroove is getting a sequel, publisher Chucklefish announced Wednesday. Wargroove 2 will move away from the medieval knights and fantasy flavors of the original for something a bit more colorful, with new units and commanders that include giant squids, pigs, merpeople, soldiers on birdback, and pirates with flamethrowers.

Chucklefish says it’s tapping developer Robotality, the studio behind pixelated strategy games Pathway and Halfway, for Wargroove 2. The sequel is heading to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, but there’s no hint of a release date yet other than sometime in 2023.

On Steam, Chucklefish laid out what’s changing for Wargroove 2. Updates include a new tiered Groove system for commanders’ special abilities, three story campaigns, a new roguelike mode, and an enhanced editor that will let players create their own maps, campaigns, and cutscenes.

While the original Wargroovereleased in 2019 — helped to fill the void left in the Advance Wars series’ absence, Nintendo is finally getting back into that business with the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp in April.

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