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Jennifer Lawrence’s new raunchy comedy looks absolutely hilarious

No Hard Feelings hits theaters this summer

Jennifer Lawrence stars in a new raunchy comedy that’s a little bit like a modern Failure to Launch.

Lawrence plays Maddie, a disorganized woman who loses her car and thus has no way to earn income as an Uber driver. Unable to pay for her childhood home, Maddie takes up an offer from a well-meaning couple: date (or “date”) their introverted and socially awkward son, Percy, and they’ll give her a used car. Of course, Percy turns out to be more than Maddie bargained for. Cue the shenanigans.

If you recognize the actor who plays Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), it might be because he played Alfredo Linguini in the official filmed version of Ratatouille: The Musical and a French exchange student in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The movie also stars Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti as Percy’s parents. It’s written and directed by Gene Stupnitsky, also known for Good Boys and Bad Teacher.

No Hard Feelings hits theaters on June 23.

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