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Of course The Sims 4’s baby update has a deeply cursed glitch

Growing Together is largely a hit, except for the cursed children

A young Sim giggles and clasps her hands to her face in delight in front of a dinner plate and sippy cup in The Sims 4 Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts

There’s one thing Electronic Arts should have considered adding with its Growing Together expansion for The Sims 4... exorcisms. Let me explain. Most The Sims 4 players know to expect some bugs after a big update; The Sims 4 has so much stuff, and not everything plays nice together — especially custom-created and modded content. There has been plenty of cursed bugs produced in this way, but this Growing Together visual glitch might take the cake: It’s making long babies.

Do you remember long Furby? That’s what we’re dealing with here, but with children. Some children, both infants and toddlers, are sprouting elongated legs and floating mid-air. The Sims 4 community thinks it’s a bug caused by a particular mod that makes sims stand still in Create-A-Sim; it’s aptly called Stand Still in CAS. Others claim they don’t have that mod enabled, however. Polygon has reached out to Electronic Arts for clarification on the bug, and will update this story when the publisher responds.

If you find your children’s legs growing too fast to catch up to their body, try that. But maybe a cursed child adds to your game’s storytelling. In that case, enjoy your little demon.

Bathing infants also seems to be a problem for anyone who isn’t interested in a demon in their household. The animation can glitch out when a sim is placing a kid in the bathtub, turning the baby into a truly horrifying monster with what looks like dragon wings. In other instances, babies seem to attach themselves to adults, stuck and relegated to floating along the floor.

If you’re a longtime Sims player, you may be thinking: Hey, this looks familiar! That’s because this was a known issue in The Sims 3, too — babies occasionally sprouted extra long extremities. So if you can’t get your cursed child out of your The Sims 4 game, just think of it as a nod to Sims history. I’m sure that’ll make it easier to manage.

The Sims 4: Growing Together’s is out Thursday on all platforms. It costs $39.99.

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