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Life By You asks: What if The Sims spoke real words?

Dialogue trees, town editing, and tons of control

Life By You - an employee has a conversation with her colleague, a trendy looking woman in sunglasses. Image: Paradox Tectonic/Paradox Interactive

Life By You is an ambitious looking game that takes a page out of The Sims’ life simulator book. Paradox Interactive streamed a new showcase for the game, which shows off some of the key features players can explore, like a dialogue system, an open world, and extremely customizable furniture. Life By You releases into early access on Sept. 12, and it’ll be interesting to see how the life-sim shapes up over the coming months.

There are some pretty big differences between Life By You and its biggest competitor, The Sims franchise. The game comes equipped with extensive customization, and players can select the materials of their furniture along with a color wheel. Players can even adjust the entire town, scotching the neighborhood around to better suit their needs.

Characters in Life By You speak actual human languages, and not Simlish, which is more of a pastiche of gibberish. The conversations will change based on both the character being controlled and the situations they get into, or players can script their own conversations to enjoy a touching moment with a friend or an angry encounter with a rude neighbor.

Life By You is available for pre-order on the Epic Games store and it can be wishlisted on the Steam store. This isn’t the first time Paradox has taken a run at a genre previously dominated by Electronic Arts and Maxis; the publisher is behind the SimCity-inspired Cities: Skylines and the upcoming sequel. We’ll have to wait and see if Life By You is as successful a take on the simulation genre, but the game looks promising.

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