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The Owl House ending is nigh and I am not ready

All good things must end

The Owl House is ending much sooner than we want, with the final episode airing on April 8. A new teaser shows just what teen witch Luz and her friends are up against — including the childish yet omnipotent Collector and the sinister Emperor Belos, who can now use his creepy necromantic body to take over others! Fun!

The new episode is titled “Watching and Dreaming,” and it’s the last of three specials that make up the third and final season of The Owl House. The show ran for two full seasons on Disney Channel, but when it came time to be renewed for a third, it only got a shortened episode order. The reasons for the abridged season three are unclear, since the show has garnered critical praise and high viewership.

The Owl House follows a plucky misfit teenager named Luz who accidentally finds herself in the Boiling Isles, a realm populated by demons and witches. Kooky witch Eda takes Luz under her wing. Along the way, Luz befriends a variety of other young witches and eventually finds out Emperor Belos’s sinister plan. So far the shortened third season has been wonderful, with a great balance of character moments and plot-forwarding action sequences. But all good things must come to an end. It’s just sad to see it come so soon.

The last episode (ever!!!!!!!) of The Owl House will air on Disney Channel on April 8 at 9:25 EDT. The episode will be available very soon after on YouTube at 10:30 PDT. All the other episodes are currently available on Disney Plus.

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