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MultiVersus is going offline, relaunch planned for 2024

After months of barebones updates, MultiVersus is taking a long break

Artwork of MultiVersus, featuring Tom (from Tom & Jerry) and Finn from Adventure Time and a variety of Warner Bros. characters Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

MultiVersus, the multiplayer platform-fighting game from Warner Bros. and Player First Games, is being pulled from digital stores on April 4 and will go offline — meaning it will become largely unplayable — in June. The developer announced Monday that it’s pausing updates and taking the game offline for a relaunch of MultiVersus, which is targeted for early 2024.

Tony Huynh, co-founder and CEO of Player First Games, announced the temporary closure of MultiVersus in an update on the game’s website. It’s the first official update that Player First has provided since November, when the developer brought Marvin the Martian and season 2 content to the game. Since then, the game’s remaining players have remained largely in the dark about the fate of MultiVersus and have been desperate for new content. Huynh addressed the game’s noticeable lack of updates in his announcement.

“We know there’s still a lot of work to do,” he said. “As a result, we have a clearer view of what we need to focus on, specifically the content cadence of new characters, maps and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game.

“To do this the right way, we will be closing the MultiVersus Open Beta on June 25, 2023. As part of this process, we’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024.”

During that June-to-early 2024 window, MultiVersus players will only have access to the game’s offline modes: the training room (aka The Lab) and local matches.

“We do know that this news might be disappointing, but rest assured, MultiVersus will be back,” Huynh said. “We’ll also ensure that all of your progress and content will carry over when MultiVersus returns next year, with a variety of new content, features and modes.”

MultiVersus launched in July 2022, and Warner Bros. and Player First have referred to the game as in “open beta” since then. That fact is not heavily promoted on digital game storefronts, however, and players who have invested money in the free-to-play game are likely wondering if they can get refunds. According to an FAQ posted by Player First, that seems unlikely. From the developer:

What will happen to previously earned or purchased in-game content after the Open Beta closes?

All progress and previously earned or purchased content will carry over when MultiVersus returns in early 2024. This includes unused Gleamium, Battle Pass tokens, character tickets and any other in-game items – all content will carry over to the game next year.

Will refunds be available for previously purchased content?

This announcement does not change any current refund policies or terms offered by the storefront(s) from which Founder’s Packs or Gleamium bundles were purchased. For more information, please visit the customer support pages for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games. Additionally, refunds are not available as a result of the Open Beta closure. However, all progress and previously earned or purchased content will carry over when MultiVersus returns in early 2024.

MultiVersus brings together characters from across Warner Bros.’ suite of properties, including DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman), Scooby-Doo (Shaggy, Velma), Game of Thrones (Arya Stark), Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny, Taz), Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Tom & Jerry. Also, LeBron James is here because of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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