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Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Minecraft

Mojang and Wizards of the Coast reveal major D&D DLC

Dungeons & Dragons is heading to Minecraft in a meaty new adventure arriving this spring. Wizards of the Coast and Mojang announced Tuesday, during a D&D Direct presentation, that Minecraft players will be able to explore the Forgotten Realms as classic D&D character classes and battle monsters like beholders, mimics, mindflayers, and — the most Minecraft-appropriate abomination — gelatinous cubes.

The story-driven Dungeons & Dragons DLC for Minecraft will start as many D&D adventures do: at the table, with players choosing their character classes and stats before they set off for locations like Candlekeep and Icewind Dale.

Mojang and Everbloom Games’ “blocky take on the world of D&D” will let players role-play as a paladin, barbarian, wizard, or rogue, and will feature a custom combat system. Players will be able to utilize skills — like the rogue’s backstab — and equip gear that affects their character’s stats in the action-RPG take on Minecraft. Players can expect about 10 hours of narrative-driven gameplay on their first time through the Dungeons & Dragons DLC.

Wizards of the Coast and Mojang are also bringing the world of Minecraft to Dungeons & Dragons, thanks to a new digital compendium of monsters that includes stats for the Creeper, Enderman, and other classic Minecraft menaces.

Minecraft is available for virtually all modern platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. For a closer look at the Dungeons & Dragons DLC for Minecraft, check out the gallery below.

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