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Resident Evil 4 fans just want Ashley to be a little mouse

Moushley mod when? (Update: Now.)

Ashley Graham’s face in Resident Evil 4 Image: Capcom

Fan art of Ashley as a mouse — aka Moushley — has been flooding Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram over the past week as artists interpret Leon S. Kennedy’s charge as a cute, cheese-hungry little rodent. It’s all in good fun, and prompted by a particular piece of fan art of Ashley in mouse form from Twitter use Agrimmora. They posted the following thought exercise on March 24 — the same day Resident Evil 4 launched — and inspired hundreds of pieces of fan art.

Since then, other artists have recreated Ashley-as-a-mouse in every way imaginable, from Animal Crossing-style mouse villagers to a cheese-wedge-shaped Jerry from Tom & Jerry to The Rescuers-influenced Moushley. There’s so much great stuff, but here’s a sampling.

All that Moushley fan art got the attention of Capcom, who appears to approve.

All that’s left now is for some brave modder to get Ashley in mouse form — and cheese sold by the Merchant — into Resident Evil 4 itself.

Update (April 4): That didn’t take long. The first Moushley mod is here for the PC version of Resident Evil 4. It’s a slightly different take on Ashley-as-a-mouse, in which Leon S. Kennedy is getting Ratatouilled by his rodent friend.

A screenshot of Leon Kennedy firing his gun in Resident Evil 4. A mouselike Ashley Graham (aka Moushley) sits on top of his head. Image: Cathroon/Capcom

Modder Cathroon and modeler TheCapsuleFiend are responsible for the first stab at a Moushley mod. Cathroon explains, “she looks a lil weird cuz she’s running off hair materials and, honestly, I’m not unraveling the mystery of making that any better.” Fair enough!

You can download the Moushley Graham Ratatouille mod from Nexus Mods.

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