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Nick Fury is back in action for Marvel’s Secret Invasion — and he brought friends

Also, Olivia Colman?????

The long-awaited Secret Invasion show is almost here. And a new trailer brings Nick Fury back into the MCU fold and shows us just what he’s up against.

It’s been a hot second since we’ve seen the real Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Samuel L. Jackson is back and ready to take on a faction of Skrulls who’ve secretly invaded Earth (get it? Secret Invasion? Haha). The comic arc of the same name features the Skrulls as the baddies, but up until now, the alien race has been pretty alright in the MCU.

In the comics, SHIELD agent Maria Hill plays a prominent role. As such, Cobie Smulders’ version of the character joins Nick Fury, along with Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross, Ben Mendelsohn as Skrull leader (and Fury’s longtime buddy) Talos and Don Cheadle as James Rhodes. Additionally, Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke make their MCU debuts with Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion will have six episodes and premieres on Disney Plus on June 21.

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