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No Man’s Sky’s antagonist robots are now smarter, madder, and corrupted

The Interceptor update adds corrupted worlds and Sentinels

No Man’s Sky’s newest update. Interceptor, hits today. This free patch includes new Interceptor starships, Sentinel-corrupted planets, and new enemy types. The Interceptor update powers up the pesky Sentinel robots that plague players as they peruse planets; the robots now have more varieties, new powers, and even the ability to take over entire worlds.

Corrupted worlds are strange, with crystals pushing out of the earth. They’re guarded by Sentinels — but unfortunately, the immense powers of the corruption have affected the robots, giving them new forms. New buildings, sweet Sentinel jetpacks, powerful new Multi-Tools, and crashed Interceptor ships litter the surface of these dangerous planets, making it worth the risk to explore them.

According to the update’s official page, corrupted Sentinels are now ”semi-arachnid machines” with “devastating flamethrowers and long-distance explosives.” These drones are much more tactical than their non-corrupted peers, and they will relentlessly hunt players. Players who prefer space combat can also face off against corrupted Sentinel capital ships in dramatic starship battles.

Even if you’re not on a corrupted planet, Sentinels still pack more of a punch due to improvements to Sentinel Quads. These combat robots now have new animations, intelligent pathfinding, and the ability to activate a stealth field.

On the plus side, the Interceptor update also includes improvements to accessing VR menus, a new Nexus mission, and a sweet new cape. Fractal, the first big update of 2023, laid the groundwork with many other VR improvements, so it’ll be interesting to see how the galaxy looks through a VR headset. No Man’s Sky is available on PC and consoles, as well as in virtual reality on PC or with a PlayStation VR2.

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