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God of War Ragnarök’s new game plus mode is here with a bunch of new content

Let’s all play dress-up with Kratos

An image of Kratos fighting the Berserker Soul in God of War Ragnarok. He is pulling his ice ax back for an attack against the armored and glowing green monster. Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Spring might be on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean winter is over in the Nine Realms. God of War Ragnarök got a new update on Wednesday that allows players to experience its story again with additional features. The New Game Plus update adds new equipment, a higher level cap, and new enhancements to beef up your armor, according to the PlayStation blog.

To access the new content, you will need to complete the base game. Once finished, you can start a New Game Plus save with additional features accessible from the start. Equipment, weapons, and skills will carry over from your last save as well, so you’ll get to use all your fancy tricks from the beginning — save for the Sonic and Hex arrows.

The main additions include a whole lot of new armor options. Highlights include the Black Bear, which clothes Kratos in his big furry cloak from the start of the game, and the Spartan Armor, which basically makes the journey harder because it has unique lowered stats. (The set doesn’t have a Perk or added stats, and it stays locked at the first Power Level.) The update will also bring in the Ares and Zeus armor sets from the original game, as well as provide new color options for existing sets of armor.

There are plenty of other additions if you aren’t into playing dress-up with Kratos. There will be a higher level cap, so both Kratos and his enemies can level up more. The expanded game will also allow players to turn their level 9 equipment into a special “plus” version, and it’ll introduce new enhancements to further customize items. You can either pick the perfect power-up or use the new “Burden” enchantments to customize the difficulty of a fight.

These are just the highlights; if you want to see all that’s new, check out the PlayStation blog. The New Game Plus update is available to owners of God of War Ragnarök now.

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