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Nic Cage’s vampire movie Renfield now has a Vampire Survivors-like game tie-in

In keeping with the theme, no vampires among the enemies, either

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

In the jokey, bloody horror movie Renfield, premiering Friday, Nicolas Cage plays Dracula and Nicholas Hoult is his beleaguered servant, Renfield. The movie film is also getting a Vampire Survivors-like game adaptation, available at a bite-size price (ah-ah-ahhhh!) on Steam right now.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, officially launching in early access on Wednesday, looks to be a straight lift of Vampire Survivors’ format, including the fact that vampires themselves are not among the enemy hordes in either game. In this case, players run around New Orleans as Renfield, trying to find their boss and encountering gangs and bosses who want you both gone from the Crescent City.

Developer Mega Cat Studios says it has no plans to increase the game’s price after its early access period. Of course, post-launch DLC may be offered at its own premium, or in a bundle with the game for more than $4.99.

Our reviewer didn’t dig Renfield, which chokes its gags in cynicism and choppy editing; maybe it’s better as a video game. The movie is based on a story by Robert Kirkman, whom fans recognize as the co-creator of The Walking Dead and the founder of Skybound Entertainment — which is also publishing Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood. The film, co-produced by Skybound and distributed by Universal Pictures, was written by Ryan Ridley and directed by Chris McKay.

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