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Disney dropped all of The Owl House season 3 on YouTube for free

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Disney put the entirety of The Owl House season 3 on YouTube.

Now, to be fair, that’s only three episodes, but it still clocks in at two and a half hours. “Thanks to Them,” “For the Future,” and “Watching and Dreaming” are all available in one video. Each of the final season episodes has ended up on YouTube the day after it premiered on Disney Channel, but now they’re all together in one cohesive video on the official Disney Channel YouTube page — it’s like a movie now!

The Owl House premiered in early 2020 and followed a misfit human girl named Luz, who found herself in a fantasy realm populated by witches and demons. Luz met kooky witch (and wanted criminal) Eda and lovable demon King and decided that even though she wasn’t born a witch, she wanted to do magic herself. The series followed their adventures, as Luz learned magic, met new friends, and discovered a plot that would change the fate of the Boiling Isles forever.

Despite fantastic reviews and high viewership, the Disney Channel animated show did not get a full order for season 3, because it “did not fit the brand.” Instead, it was granted three hour-long episodes to wrap up its story. Still, somehow the team behind The Owl House pulled it off, with a very sweet epilogue that sets up a whole playground for fans to run wild in.

All three seasons of The Owl House are available on Disney Plus.

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