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PSA: This weekend’s Love Is Blind reunion is appointment television

Netflix’s latest live TV experiment is gonna be a doozy

Vanessa Lachey shrugs with a smile in front of a rack of wedding dresses in season 4 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, which pretty much sums up the vibe of the show. Image: Netflix

Reality shows are routinely pretty bonkers, and few people know this better than the folks that star on them. This is why the reunion special is a time-honored tradition in reality TV, a chance for cast members and viewers to reminisce on the multihour fever dream they all shared, and perhaps squeeze in a little more drama while they’re at it.

The reunion special for this season of Love Is Blind, however, is different in a pretty big way: It’s live. Netflix has made a lot of hay out of this, cutting together a promo where the cast members all say how no one, not even them, knows what’s going to happen, because, well, they’re gonna find out along with us this Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Frankly, this rules. The fourth and current season of Love Is Blind is easily the best since the first, with a chaotic cast of couples that are equally baffling and endearing (Brett and Tiff!). And Love Is Blind reunion specials themselves can be quite good — the season 2 reunion might be the best hour of reality TV that Netflix has ever made, where all-time villain Shake gets dressed down by everyone, even co-host Nick Lachey, who rarely even seems like he knows where he is.

Granted, you don’t have to watch the reunion live. Like other live events on Netflix, the special will continue to live on as episode 13 of the fourth season, so viewers can watch at their own pace. But given Love Is Blind’s popularity, this might be the biggest instance of appointment television Netflix has attempted so far, and being along for the ride ought to be lots of fun.

The best part? As soon as you’re done, you can roll right into Succession.

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