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Street Fighter 2 finally comes to Nintendo Switch Online — as a Genesis game

That’s one way to drive Expansion Pack subs...

Street Fighter 2, the premier retro fighting game, has arrived on what’s arguably the premier retro game subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online — but, oddly, not in any of its Super Nintendo incarnations.

Despite its close association with the Nintendo console over multiple releases, including the iconic Street Fighter 2 Turbo, the classic Capcom fighter has been added to Switch Online’s Sega Genesis collection in its Genesis version, Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition.

This version is a decent choice: it includes both the Champion Edition and Turbo: Hyper Fighting rulesets, making it relatively comprehensive as home console versions go within the incredibly convoluted Street Fighter 2 release history. (Seriously, there have been so many versions of this game.) Special Champion Edition was the first incarnation of Street Fighter 2 to be released on a Sega system.

Would it be cynical to suggest that Nintendo opted for a Genesis rather than a SNES version of Street Fighter 2 so it could put it in the additional, more expensive Expansion Pack subscription tier of Nintendo Switch Online? Maybe.

Joining Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition in the latest, all-Genesis Nintendo Switch Online update are a trio of platform action games. Expansion Pack subscribers get access to the cultish nostalgia objects Flicky and Kid Chameleon, as well as the lesser-known Pulseman.

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