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Critical Role’s Matt Mercer will lead Dimension 20’s Crown of Candy prequel

The Ravening War begins in May

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Critical Role’s Matt Mercer will return to the dome in Dimension 20’s newest Dungeons & Dragons actual play series, titled The Ravening War. The all-star table will include experienced Dungeon Masters Aabria Iyengar and Brennan Lee-Mulligan as players, joined by Lou Wilson (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The King of Staten Island), Zac Oyama (Dimension 20, Not Another D&D Podcast), and Anjali Bhimani (Ms. Marvel). The first episode premiers on Dropout May 10, and then on YouTube May 17.

It’s not the first time that Mercer has crossed over with the intrepid heroes at Dimension 20 and vice versa, but the stakes feel particularly high this time. That’s because the team is returning for a prequel to one of its most popular series, A Crown of Candy. It’s about a world called Calorum whose kingdoms are each based around different food groups. It sounds childish, of course, but it’s actually one of the more dramatic series that the troupe has run to date.

The Ravening War takes place two decades before the events of A Crown of Candy. The cast of “scrumptious scoundrels” was introduced today in a trailer on YouTube (embedded above). They include Bhimani’s Lady Amangeaux, described as “Jessica Rabbit as a mango,” and Iyengar’s Karna, a tiny young chili pepper person. Lee-Mulligan is bringing out his best elderly voicework for Bishop Raphaniel Charlock, a wizened radish, while Wilson’s Delissandro is a teen-aged warrior (food type unknown). Finally, Zac Oyama will play Colin Provolone, a greasy cheese man.

The series will, of course, include the by-now de facto custom miniatures and dioramas by the incredible Rick Perry.

While Critical Role continues to charge forward with new projects, including a science-fantasy audio drama called Midst!, fans of cast members Lee-Mulligan, Iyengar, and Wilson are falling for Worlds Beyond Number’s The Wizard, The Witch, & The Wild One. It’s a glossy new D&D podcast with loads of bespoke music and sound effects. You can learn more about its inspirations in our lengthy interview with the cast.

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