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This crochet DDR mat is cute and functional

Made with yarn, conductive thread, and an Arduino

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A close-up of a crochet DDR mat. Fingers are hitting the pink buttons. Image: kims_threads via TikTok
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Throw away your old plastic Dance Dance Revolution mat and bring yourself into the future with a miniature crocheted DDR pad. TikTok creator kims_threads did just that using her crochet hook, some yarn, conductive thread, and an Arduino. It’s both extremely cute and functional: She sets it up to connect to a computer to play DDR with her hands. Look, if you scale it up using granny squares, you may be able to put together a whole dang functional rug.

Kims_threads followed a tutorial from Popular Science to learn how to rig up a custom dance pad, and used her own crochet skills to create the mat itself. Once the crochet mat was done, she used a needle to weave the conductive thread through the yarn to make it functional. Honestly, it’s genius. We love a woman in STEM!


I followed a tutorial by Andy Clark on but had to make lots of adjustments to suit my project. This was a cool project, I might do more with Arduinos #arduino #ddrtiktok #crochet #crochettok

♬ on & on - piri & tommy

Kims_threads sells several different crochet patterns on her Etsy shop; if we’re lucky, she’ll upload a pattern for this one so that crocheters of the world — namely, me — can make our own cute mini and playable DDR granny square.

Beyond DDR, kims_threads has a bunch of other adorable gaming-, entertainment-, and tech-related yarn crafts: a knit Animal Crossing: New Horizons bell bag beanie, a crochet Tamagotchi tapestry, an elaborate Howl’s Moving Castle balaclava, and a QR code sweater. The possibilities of crochet and knitting are endless.

Personally, I’ve just started to relearn crochet over this past weekend. Looks like my next project may as well be a DDR rug.

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