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Tears of the Kingdom finally gives players a way to remember recipes

No more relying on memory alone

Link in Tears of the Kingdom is wearing a chef hat and throwing ingredients in the air. Graphic: Nicole Clark/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo; The Spriters Resource

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be full of surprises, with tons of sandbox play possibilities. But I have waited with bated breath for any announcement regarding my favorite underrated Zelda activity: cooking. Luckily, the game will have a handful of cooking changes, notably including recipe cards. On Friday, the official Zelda account ZeldaOfficialJP, shared a tweet with images called “Cooking Notes.”

According to Twitter’s translation function (which I’ve compared with a Google translation), the tweet says,” By the way, you can always look back on the dishes you made in “Cooking Notes.” When you want to make your favorite dish again, you can check the recipe and it is convenient.”

The image, which contains Cooking Notes written in English, shows off one for Meat and Seafood Fry. The top half of the card has an image of the cooked dish, accompanied by a short description. The bottom half of the card shows off and image of one meat and two fish — at the very bottom there are six hearts, which I’d assume depicts the health restored by eating the dish. Cooking Notes for Steamed Mushrooms and Pepper Steak are also featured in the image.

This will be a huge quality of life improvement for amateur Zelda chefs everywhere. Cooking was one of my favorite parts of Breath of the Wild — and yet it was often a process marked by pain. Breath of the Wild had no system to keep track of successful recipes, and my terrible memory failed to retain so many of my favorites. Luckily — after hours of making inedible trash — I found my peace by using guides and keeping a handy notebook.

These recipe cards in Tears of the Kingdom will hopefully make that pain point a thing of the past. Though, as IGN Southeast Asia reports, players will still have to manually hold ingredients and drop them in — there’s no automatic selection for cooking. Beyond that, we don’t quite know how these recipe cards work yet. But it’s a comfort to know that there is a formal, in-game method for remembering culinary successes.

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