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Vampire Survivors is getting an animated series from John Wick creator’s studio

The project comes from Story Kitchen, which focuses on non-traditional IP

Artwork for Vampire Survivors of a vampire lord standing under a blood-red moon behind a castle Image: poncle

Vampire Survivors, the hugely popular indie game where players face off against hordes of blood-sucking monsters, is joining the legion of video games with upcoming screen adaptations — it’s getting an animated series, reports Deadline.

The show will be produced by Story Kitchen, which was co-founded by John Wick creator and writer Derek Kolstad and producer Dmitri M. Johnson (Sonic the Hedgehog), among others. Story Kitchen was originally founded to focus on “world-building action” and “non-traditional intellectual property,” which makes Vampire Survivors feel like a perfect adaptation for the studio.

The video game could best be described as minimalist, asking players to survive hordes of enemies without actively attacking. The player character attacks automatically, meaning that players are only in control of movement and which upgrades they get. Vampire Survivors’ story isn’t too complicated, either — it takes place in rural Italy, where a person named Bisconte Draculó lives and creates magical evil, while members of the Belpaese family are tasked with stopping him from destroying the world.

With such a basic setup, Story Kitchen should have plenty of room to create its new animated series, but there aren’t any details about what the approach will be just yet. The project is still looking for a writer, according to Deadline, and there’s no word yet on when or where the Vampire Survivors series might be released.

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