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This game is like Doom, but with a tennis racket and burgers

Hell of a Racket pits you against demons in a sport debate

The player character in Hell of a Racket faces down the demonic arena, with a giant skull door and rusted cars scattered across the lavas and rocks of hell. Image: Helltown Racketeers

What do the demons in hell do when they’re not tormenting souls and capering through brimstone? This is a question that scholars and theologists have puzzled over and debated for hundreds of years. The free game Hell of a Racket offers one theory for intellectuals to peruse — demons compete over which sport is best, obviously.

Developer Helltown Racketeers describes its game with the following description: “Play as a fallen angel seeking redemption by punishing satanic worshipers who don’t play the holiest of!” Instead of skulls impaled on pikes, there are football helmets. The map is littered with various sports apparel, hot dog courts, and equipment from fallen athletes. My trip to the arena is sponsored by corporations that have set up shop in Satan’s domain, and it’s chock full of angry demons.

I’m like the Doomguy (you know, from Doom) but with a tennis racket instead of a gun or chainsaw. Sometimes I find a tennis ball, and I can serve it through a monster’s face. I can pick up other upgrades on the field, like one that gives me a super big tennis racket for easier parrying.

The gameplay is relatively simple. The demons shoot a projectile at me, and I use my racket to shoot it right back, turning them into a tasty burger or soda for me to scarf down and replenish my health. If I’m overwhelmed, I duck, dodge, and wall-run out of there. A couple of times, the game propelled me out of the map and into the sky, which certainly wasn’t ideal, but after a quick float I was able to descend and get back into the action.

It’s not exactly the most traditional take on hell — or tennis — but it’s a delightful romp through some silly territory. Hell of a Racket was released on Monday, and is available for free on Windows PC via Steam.

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