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BrikWars’ definitive book lets you play Warhammer 40K with Lego

The book will be available for pre-order soon

Key art for Brikwars’ definitive retail edition, showing tons of miniatures and toys come together in an epic, colorful battle with a Cthulu, a flaming teddy bear, an army of Lego figurines, and a flame spewing hydra. Image: Mike Rayhawk/Modiphius Entertainment

Whether it’s a good old-fashioned pack of Lego or a long-running Minecraft realm, it’s undeniable that people like bricks. There’s something about the experience of snapping bricks together and making them into something larger that delights our primal lizard brains. BrikWars is a wargame built on this simple pleasure, and a new definitive release of the game is coming soon with balance changes based on feedback from players, along with new illustrations and other bonuses.

BrikWars is a wargame created by Mike Rayhawk, first released in 1995. It combines the strategy and army building of a game like Warhammer 40,000 with the simple joy of building with bricks. Players can construct their own armies, vehicles, and heroes out of construction toys. It’s a natural extension of kids’ tendencies to dump all of their toys on the carpet and make Wolverine fight Goku. The game is designed to combine high-level strategy with a carefree, creative, and low-cost vibe.

Pre-orders for this edition of BrikWars will be available “soon” through the website of publisher Modiphius Entertainment and at your local game store, the company said in a news release, although it did not give an exact date for pre-orders or the book’s release. The book contains a ton of custom weapons and abilities, dozens of specialists to help turn the tide of battle, a combat system, lore about the BrikWars universe, and vibrant artwork from Rayhawk himself.

a shot from the front of BrikWars, a book with colorful art of brick minifigs engaging in battle
The cover of BrikWars.
Image: Modiphius Entertainment

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