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How to get cold resistance in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Drink some special elixirs and eat food to become cold resistant

An overlay of a light blue snowflake symbol on a Purah Pad from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EDP/Nintendo

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are many elixirs and specialty foods you can make to give yourself special buffs, including becoming resistant to the cold weather.

You’ll need to have cold resistance in order to proceed around the Rito areas in Hebra, as well as the Gerudo Desert at night, as you’ll freeze and slowly lose hearts if you’re too cold. To do this, you should make a handful of elixirs and foods that give you a cold resistance buff.

Below, we list some ways to become cold resistant, including elixirs and food that you can cook up in a cooking pot.

Cold resistance elixir recipes

For elixirs, you’ll want to mix specific lizards and bugs in a cooking pot with monster parts. The specific monster parts don’t particularly matter — as long as it says in the description that it can be used for elixirs, you’re safe.

You can use monster parts with a warm darner (Akkala Highlands or Faron Grasslands) or a summerwing butterfly (Eldin Canyon or Gerudo Highlands). You can also buy summerwing butterflies from Beedle at Tabantha Bridge Stable. Butterflies will run once you approach, so make sure to creep up on them relatively quietly in order to successfully catch them.

The more buggy critters you use, the longer the elixir will last. Based on our testing, the quality of the monster drop you use doesn’t have an effect on the potion. Using a Red Bokoblin horn had the same effects as using a Blue Bokoblin horn.

Link, dressed up in a Shiekah uniform, freezes and shivers outside in the Hebra snowy plains in Tears of the Kingdom
You’re looking a little chilly there, friend ...
Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Cold resistance food recipes

Cooking with spicy peppers (Hyrule Field and Gerudo Desert), sizzlefin trout (Eldin Canyon and Hebra Mountains), sunshrooms (Eldin Canyon and Gerudo Highlands), or warm safflina (Eldin Canyon and Gerudo Desert) will add warming properties to your food.

The more of the specialized food you use in your recipe, the longer the cold resistance buff will be. For example, using five spicy peppers to make spicy sautéed peppers gave us 12 minutes and 30 seconds of cold resistance.

Using armor to become cold resistant

You can also use armor to become cold resistant. The Snowquill armor set, which you can purchase from Rito Village, will provide you more levels of cold resistance the more you have equipped. The prices for the pieces are as follows:

  • Snowquill Headdress: 650 rupees
  • Snowquill Tunic: 500 rupees
  • Snowquill trousers: 1,000 rupees

You can also purchase the Ruby Circlet from Gerudo Village for 1,300 rupees to protect you from one level of cold. The pair of Archaic Warm Greaves that you find during the tutorial on the Great Sky Islands also provides one tier of cold resistance, but it can’t be upgraded to get more defense.

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