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The Foundation season 2 trailer will make you want to suddenly catch up on Foundation

Did you know Lee Pace fights dinosaur monsters on this show? Now you do

Foundation, the Apple TV Plus series based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal science-fiction franchise, got off to a bit of a slow start. That’s largely thanks to the massive scope of the source material, which spans generations to tell a story of empire and rebellion, jumping back and forth between timelines to establish origins and stakes. It’s all pretty neat stuff involving cloned emperors and a scientist who may have discovered an equation for predicting the future. It just takes its time.

As a result, there was absolutely zero indication that it would eventually lead to the stuff in the new season 2 trailer, like Lee Pace fighting a dinosaur monster with his bare hands.

Gotta be honest here: This trailer rocks. It splashes water in the face of everyone who watched Foundation season 1 and, like me, forgot to finish it. Now I must. Look at all this good shit! Spaceships flying, spaceships crashing into planets (the only thing cooler than spaceships flying), a revolution against an empire, Lee Pace looking distressed, Jared Harris looking determined... yeah, TV is back, baby.

Foundation season 2 premieres July 14 on Apple TV Plus.

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