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Freaky Friday sequel is in the works; fans of Fridays that are freaky rejoice

Stars Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are in talks to return

Jamie Lee Curtis clutches her face while Lindsay Lohan looks on in a screenshot from Freaky Friday Photo: Walt Disney Studios

Twenty years ago this summer, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan cracked open magic fortune cookies and body-swapped their way into millennial cinematic history in Disney’s 2003 remake of the 1976 film Freaky Friday. Beloved for Curtis and Lohan’s incredible knack for playing each other, it’s become the definitive version of the story, inspired surprising homages, and might even get a sequel.

The news comes via a New York Times interview with Curtis and Lohan commemorating Freaky Friday’s milestone anniversary (the film was released Aug. 6, 2003). In the feature, which is worth reading in full, the two talk about how their time on the film inspired a real-life friendship, as the two kept in touch despite never starring together in a film again.

The Times also reports that Disney is currently developing a sequel written by up-and-coming writer Elyse Hollander, with Curtis and Lohan in talks to return. Plot details remain scarce, but modern-day Lohan and Curtis playing each other seems like it would be a good time no matter what the reason is. My only suggestion: maybe don’t have fortune cookies be the reason this time.

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