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Daft Punk gives their final song together a hypnotic animated tribute

Random Access Memories’ 10th anniversary continues to be a treat

May marks the 10th anniversary of Random Access Memories, the fourth and final studio album from the legendary duo Daft Punk. While the influential helmeted dance robots — born Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — would remain active for several more years, collaborating with artists like The Weeknd, the pair disbanded in 2021, blowing up their robotic personas and pursuing very different solo careers. That doesn’t mean they don’t have more to share.

Out today, a 10th-anniversary re-release of Random Access Memories comes with another disc full of previously-unreleased music. While that’s plenty exciting for fans of French house music, some of the coolest anniversary content is being dropped on the Daft Punk YouTube channel, which is full of retrospectives, behind-the-scenes videos, and a killer music video for “Infinity Repeating,” an unreleased demo that is the last thing Bangalter and de Homen-Christo recorded together as Daft Punk.

Written and directed by Warren Fu, the video is collaboration between a number of eclectic animation studios working together to produce a seamless illustration of forward motion, as a line becomes a circle and is animated to turn, moving up the evolutionary chain to become an increasingly sophisticated rendering of humanity moving forward.

It’s top-tier hypnotic melancholy, the sort of thing that comes to mind when it’s said that Daft Punk worked to “infuse emotion in the machines,” as Bangalter told the New York Times in a recent interview promoting his new work as a composer.

Give it a watch, or a dozen.

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