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Archer’s superspy adventures are finally coming to an end after the series’ 14th season

There’s no word yet on how the series may end

Sterling Archer faces the camera in a white suit on a beach with Lana and Mallory in the background Image: FX

Sterling Archer, the world’s greatest secret agent is finally hanging up his tactleneck after 14 years. FX’s animated series, which originally started in 2009, is coming to an end with season 14, the network announced on Monday.

The latest season of the show is set to bring it back somewhat closer to its roots, putting Archer back into the field as a regular spy, with Lana now running the show. FX hasn’t shared any details yet about how exactly the series will wrap up.

Archer started out following the misadventures of a team of spies working for the independent clandestine organization ISIS — though that name changed in recent seasons for geopolitical reasons. But after the series’ fourth season, it made a sweeping change into Archer Vice, and gave itself a new ’80s aesthetic. Since then, the series has frequently switched things up and gone for strangely themed season including a Noir season — though the seasons rarely matched the comedic highs of the series’ first few years.

Archer season 14 will debut on FXX on Aug. 30 and will come to Hulu the next day.

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